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Every Donation Counts

According to USA Facts  In 2022, 16,200,322 adults in the United States were veterans. According to, just over 40,000 Veterans were experiencing homelessness. Our Country has more than 30,000 Veterans who were in Iraq or Afghanistan. That means that at least one out of every 10 houses in our neighborhood are Veteran households. Veterans are often subject to illnesses related to their military service which may become difficult to gain employment.  Veterans are a diverse group and many Veterans face challenges making ends meet. Due to certain factors, some Veterans struggle to meet basic needs. Veterans and their families need our help more than ever. Help us strengthen them through programs designed to encourage healing, reduce challenges, and overcome obstacles.

A $25 donation could help provide a military family with a week's worth of groceries, ensuring they have nutritious meals on their table. This kind of support is not just about meeting basic needs; it's a gesture of care and appreciation, offering comfort and stability during challenging times. Your donation will help a military family or a veteran receive the essential support and resources they need to strive.  Your gift will show our Veterans that together we are stronger. A generous donation today will help support a Veteran and their family to continue to live productive lives.



"A call for Empathy, Action, and Change"

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